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Switch mode power supplies
high power and high current

Switch mode power supplies - open frame -

Battery Charger
Universal  car battery charger for 6V/12V.
Suitable for all batteries with a capacity from 2 to 225 Ah.

Drybox - Customer Design -
Drying station with UV-light for hearing aids and accessories.

Electronic mini UV Cleaner for hearing aids - Customer Design-
Moisture and ear wax can impair the function of hearing systems and cause failures. The drying station offers optimal care. Comfort dry at 50°C extends life time significantly. The small, portable unit offers more freedom in application.

Drying Station for hearing aids - Customer Design -
Ultraviolet light (253,7nm UV-C) eliminates 99,9% of bacteria, fungi or viruses. This clinical cleanliness prevents ear infections risks and protects both your hearing systems as well as your health.
The small, portable unit offers more freedom in application due to USB.

AC/DC-Adapter with interchangeable connectors
AC/DC Adapter with USB/12V 1A, 2A,
maintanace charger for car etc. automatic detection 2/6/12V 600mA
UL, US, AU, UK, EU approvals

Adapter 5V 1A/2A
EU, UL, PSE - approvals

Electronic Ultra-Sonic cleaning station for hearing devices
Dirt and ear wax can impair the function of ear molds, hearing protection, slim tubes and cause failures. The ultra-sonic offers optimal cleansing. Powerful ultrasonic at 46 kHz  ensures already with clean water hygienic cleanliness. For intensive  cleansing the addition of a small amount of cleansing concentrate is  recommended. Other applications are small dentures, braces, jewelry, coins and other ultrasonic cleanable parts.

Micro Digital Signal Processing
Guitar Amplification System, microGIT amp is a complete micro DSP guitar amplification system.

RF audio module is designed to transmit high quality audio signals from any source to the USB receiver within a range of 30 meters. This wireless audio module offers very high quality audio transmission with only 5 to 10 ms latency. The wireless audio module 2.4 GHz uses SPI, I2S interfacing, TI CC8520 is a chipset with very low latency for realtime audio connections.

USB MODULE makes possible high quality audio reception. Your USB audio receiver configured to work as the master makes it possible to receive up to 2x2 stereo signals or 4x1 mono signals from up to 4 slaves and control data at the same time.
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